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The Heavens Above by bjjowett The Heavens Above :iconbjjowett:bjjowett 2 3 White Blossoms by bjjowett White Blossoms :iconbjjowett:bjjowett 5 5 Flower Power by bjjowett Flower Power :iconbjjowett:bjjowett 2 4 Yellow Spritz by bjjowett Yellow Spritz :iconbjjowett:bjjowett 3 7 Mothman by bjjowett Mothman :iconbjjowett:bjjowett 5 8 Mothtastic by bjjowett Mothtastic :iconbjjowett:bjjowett 2 2
123, 456
Chaos and treason, picking up sticks.
A, B, CD then E
I'm counting Hexadecimally.
78910, 11 and 12
Come down from Heaven, lie back on the shelf.
F, G, HI then J
Stop your counting, and start to Play.
:iconbjjowett:bjjowett 0 6
Look at my Zebra. by bjjowett Look at my Zebra. :iconbjjowett:bjjowett 1 4
Dear Mother Earth
Oh Father Sky;
Please tell me this
Please tell me: Why?
Losing focus
Blurring lines;
Spiralling up
Among green vines.
You feel Darkness
I breathe Light;
We'll toss and turn
All through the night.
I Love the smell
That very loud Red;
It is to you
That it's been said
Hot and Bothered:
This I know;
I'll make you Scream!
I'll make you Moan!
Candor is
What I feel;
Laugh or Cry
(I'll make you Real).
As Above
Is so Below;
Upon whom
Do you bestow?
The haste you have
The grace you lack;
When this is done
We've filled the crack.
Among the Stars
Or on the Moon;
I love this place
A real-life cartoon.
Heightened senses
Fading black;
It seems as though
We're going back.
What a journey
We're quite intact;
But we will come back:
For we've made a pact.
Wake up to know
We are a great team;
And then realize:
That was quite a Dream.
:iconbjjowett:bjjowett 2 2
I want you back, I really do.
I miss the days- the so many few.
I hate it here- this wretched town;
These dreary streets,
This scarred-in frown.
I'm oh so sorry,
I was very wrong.
And as much as I'd like- and had said- to move along,
I miss the days,
I want you back.
Unfulfilled emotions;
The life I lack,
I really do, want you back.
I stare at you, every day.
You rest upon my windowsill,
I'm to blame.
I realize, that it's one-track.
There can be no turning back.
I'm oh so sorry, I really am.
I just want you to know,
I love you, for who I am.
I want you back, I really do.
I miss the days- the so many few.
I love you so, I really do.
But I'm incomplete, without you.
:iconbjjowett:bjjowett 5 2
Lyudi Invalidi-Disabled People
I stand alone in a sea of people.
Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Violence, Hatred, Sloth, Anger, Envy, Wrath, Whore, Rebel, Ostentation, Pretension, Material, Superficial, and Vanity are their names, and many more.
I walk through the path of people, and the ones who are there to exploit them.
They are mesmerised by their own, not giving a care about what is around them, doing what they please, wherever, and whenever they please.
I walk down the stairwell, crowded by these people, them not even passing me a glance, caught up in their own world.
These are the disabled people.
I open the door, and find myself in the street.
I accidently brush past one of them, our flesh grazing for only a moment.
They all look at me, all at once.
I start to walk up the street.
I walk, they follow.
I walk, they follow.
I know what to do.
I walk straight, untill the very end of the street.
I stop, but they keep following, walking past me.
They don't realise that there is no ground past where I am standing.
They all
:iconbjjowett:bjjowett 3 9
I feel
I feel
to Blame.
I feel
I feel
I feel
:iconbjjowett:bjjowett 2 5
A mixture of eclectic photography and literature. Enjoy! ^.^


True Colours by CreativeEquine True Colours :iconcreativeequine:CreativeEquine 4 1 Electromagnetic Radiation by CreativeEquine Electromagnetic Radiation :iconcreativeequine:CreativeEquine 2 4 Show Me Love by CreativeEquine
Mature content
Show Me Love :iconcreativeequine:CreativeEquine 1 0
Katana Warrior Stock Pack - HQ by MD-Arts Katana Warrior Stock Pack - HQ :iconmd-arts:MD-Arts 2,841 189 Aenima by witherlings Aenima :iconwitherlings:witherlings 19,375 1,056 Innocence by ImperiumGraphics Innocence :iconimperiumgraphics:ImperiumGraphics 8 2
Never Forever Lyrics by V.A.Hyder
Never Forever © V.A.Hyder
What's it all worth? ...
And who really cares? ...
Why won't you stop
Telling me ...
There's life out there ...
I'm dying to leave ...
I'm aching to cry ...
Don't want the shadows of my past
Clouding my e-y-e-s

What was it l-i-k-e?
To rip out my h-e-a-r-t?
I thought we were b-e-t-t-er
Right from the start ...
So goodbye ...
You won't see me cry ...
It's hard to be ... forever
Why is this goodbye? ...
Will I see you again? ...
I know I can't lose you ...
My one true f-r-i-e-n-d
The sun's disa-p-p-e-a-r-e-d ...
My heart has gone numb ...
It's getting so cold
And I'm f-r-o-o-o-o-z-e-n

Am I allowed to say ...
To say what i feel? ...
I'm flying through a ca-nine frenzy
Through the surreal
So never let go ...
Don't ever look back ...
Just keep moving on ...
Follow your dreams ...
And always be strong ...

What was it like
To rip out my heart?!
I thought we were better
:iconnagisa2345:nagisa2345 5 31
Running Out Of Time by V A Hyder
Running Out Of Time © V. A. Hyder
I never got a chance to hold her hand
Hold her hand
Never hold her hand
OR have her watch me as I fly
She broke my heart into a million pieces
And she walked away with pride
The sand is falling through my fingers
And beating off the glass
Beating off the glass
It spirals back into my eyes
and blinds me of my past
I'm breaking through the glass
Breaking through the glass
Breaking through the glass
It's gonna rain down on my skin
Cutting me as deep as rough as your love did
There's nothing I can do
Nothing I can do
Nothing you can do
To stop the screaming of my h-e-a-r-t
There's nothing I wanna do
To stop my bleeding-bleeding-bleeding your love

You're running out of time
Out of time
Running out time
To say all the things that you never said to me
Will you fall into my arms
and will you promise not to leave?
I can feel the ghost of your love and
My eyes burn out your pretty face from my d-r-e-e-e-a-m-s
I'm sl
:iconnagisa2345:nagisa2345 1 4
Digita by Ichigo-Kurokawa Digita :iconichigo-kurokawa:Ichigo-Kurokawa 5 3 Circle of confusion by SachaKalis Circle of confusion :iconsachakalis:SachaKalis 2,098 88 Explosion by SachaKalis Explosion :iconsachakalis:SachaKalis 4,296 0 The Meeting Place by AnnMarieBone The Meeting Place :iconannmariebone:AnnMarieBone 2,347 283 Breathe... by SachaKalis Breathe... :iconsachakalis:SachaKalis 5,457 250 If you've ever been to London by fiddlesandfox If you've ever been to London :iconfiddlesandfox:fiddlesandfox 1 0 Shy Beauty by NoNameMonsters Shy Beauty :iconnonamemonsters:NoNameMonsters 1 0 Laughing to Death by NoNameMonsters Laughing to Death :iconnonamemonsters:NoNameMonsters 1 0
My favourite literature and visual artwork from over the years. <3





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